Young Adults

Phase 2 is the young adults ministry of the Pursuit of God Transformation Center that is geared toward individuals between the ages of 19 – 29 years. The significance of the name represents that point in a person’s life where one is transitioning from childhood to adulthood. The name encompasses every area where mistakes have been made, lessons learned, opportunities are being presented and accepted, and goals are being written, planned and achieved.


We are a group of young adults who encourage, develop, and inspire individuals to live to their full potential by igniting a spirit of passion for excellence, purpose, prosperity and power. We accept and uplift individuals from different regions, racial, cultural, educational and economic backgrounds. We are healthy, wealthy and spiritually whole and we live our lives fully by functioning in our God-given purposes. We increase the marketability, confidence and self-esteem of other young adults and we provide the tools necessary to develop skills that will allow us to adequately provide for our families, advance our career, effectively communicate with those around us and we are model citizens who give back to our community.